Monthly Recap

Monthly Recap: March 2019


Spring is well and truly here, and after a dismal start to the month (has it ever rained so much in this country before?!), the brighter evenings finally appeared. We were able to publish numerous articles once again from generous outdoor enthusiasts throughout the month – hopefully you enjoyed reading them!

So, let’s have a look back on March 2019…


Photographer in Focus: Brian McCready

The Causeway Coast: a Photographer’s Dream


Running the Devil’s Coachroad

Slieve Croob via Pass Loaning


Jake Meyer: the man who conquered Everest and K2

Majestic Mourne: the story behind the poem

Guiding around Gullion: Des Murphy on the rich mythology of South Armagh

Help us see Red!

A Bird’s-Eye View of Northern Ireland


Three Peaks and a Coach Road

And finally…

Thanks again for all your support throughout March – we once again reached new peaks in terms of website visitors and social media followers as Trekking NI continues to grow. Please keep on liking, sharing and retweeting as much as you can, and most of all, enjoy taking in the experiences of fellow trekking enthusiasts throughout our beautiful little country!

~ David

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